WS 2021

Advanced Architectural Design

University of Innsbruck

SS 2022

Design Studio: performing

University of Innsbruck with Bettina Siegele

“… ‘performative’ suggests a dramatic and contingent construction of meaning.” [1]

Bodies performing architecture :: Architecture performing bodies. 

This semester’s studio at architectural theory is inspired by the artist Heidi Bucher’s understanding of architecture as a spatial manifestation of social relations: an intertwining of space, body, and identity. Going through different scales, this studio’s aim is to investigate the different encounters between the human body, technology, art, space, and architecture. We will  do so by  studying different constructs of performance and to blur the boundaries between an occupied space and the occupying body.

Image: Lucy McRae, Astronaut Aerobics, 2014.


September 2022

Vienna Architecture Summer School

co-organizer and tutor of the workshop 

'Tools for urban explorations'

together with Raumstation  and Matilde Igual Capdevila

The seminar explores the multiple crossings between cinematic vision and architectural theory.

Combining film screenings and round table discussions throughout the semester, we take a closer look into films that are strongly related to architecture, design and transformation of space, as well as the work of architects and artists who have embedded their practice in various cultures of the moving image.

Our reflection on the filmic sources will include selected readings on film and media theory, architecture, urbanism, sociology and art history. As an outcome the students will present a critical reflection in a written essay, advancing an argument on one of the themes of the seminar: materiality, scale, transformation, frame, properties.

Still: Coma, directed by Michael Crichton, 1978.

Master Studio of taught by Eleni Boutsika-Palles and Bart Lootsma.

Image: Kristin Reeves, Je ne Sais Plus, 2012-

SS 2021

Design Studio: Goodbye to Language

University of Innsbruck with Bart Lootsma

WS 2020

Design Studio: Archicomicals

University of Innsbruck 

with Bettina Siegele & Giacomo Pala

Playfulness: The irony, the comical, the grotesque and the marvel, the fantastic, the joke, the gimmickry, and the absurd transformation of things. These are going to be the keywords accompanying us throughout this year’s Bachelor studio at architectural theory. Using those concepts and their performative functions, we want to bridge certain conceptual and socio-cultural ideas with architecture.  We will use them as tools to undermine stereotypes, develop ideas, and think about architecture as a discipline that produces cultural values, allowing the production of surreal, comedic and ironic realities. Furthermore, we are looking for a way to escape from certain limitations and single-sided forms of representation to produce very individual forms of critique.

WS 2020

City Fictions

Social Design Studio, dieAngewandte

with Matilde Igual Capdevila

Lecture and workshop-seminar. Co-edited publication.

In this seminar we will engage with architectural and artistic projects that reframe our perceptions of the environments we inhabit using scale shifts. With a special focus on the translation of theoretical concepts into spatial probes, we will look into examples from art and architecture where familiar objects or actions are displaced from their original contexts by juxtaposing, multiplying or combining them with others, in order to develop a figurative description about the making, practice or experience of architecture.

Image: Sarah Sze,Triple Point (Planetarium), Americal Pavillion, 55th Venice Biennale, 2013.

WS 2020

Advanced Architectural Design

University of Innsbruck

SS 2020

Design Studio: A journey around my room

University of Innsbruck with Bart Lootsma & Melanie van der Hoorn